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Properties of Carbohydrates
Concept Questions
Question #1

Pure crystals of glucose were first isolated and formed in 1895. When the physical properties of these crystals were examined, it was quickly found that they came in two different forms that behaved differently when dissolved in water and a special kind of light was shone through the vessel.

In which of the links below are the two different types glucose molecules, and the way they interact with this special light, discussed and described?

Link-#18 Link-#23 Link-#71 Link-#44

Question #2

Mutarotation occurs in a solution of this important biological molecule when either of its two different forms are allowed to stand for a while. Different forms of this substance behave very differently when exposed to polarized light - at first - but this picture changes as time passes.

In which of the links below is there a discussion of the different forms of this important biological molecule, and how its behavior changes as a solution is allowed to stand?

Link-#49 Link-#57 Link-#24 Link-#36

Question #3

A hemiacetal is formed when a carbonyl group reacts with an alcohol group.

In which of the links below is this phenomenon described, and a special kind of cyclic hemiacetal illustrated?

Link-#88 Link-#82 Link-#83 Link-#85

Question #4

Carbonyl groups are part of two other functional groups found in different saccharides. These are called "aldehydes and ketones".

In which of the following links is the chemical nature of aldehydes and ketones fully described and their chemical forms explained?

In which of the links below are these types of connections between cells described and explained?

Link-#22 Link-#31 Link-#42 Link-#53

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