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Properties of Carbohydrates
Concept Questions
Question #1

A glycoside is a larger molecule created by joining together two smaller molecules. Simple glycosides may be formed when two identical smaller molecules are joined, or when two very different smaller molecules are joined.

In which of the following links is the ability of glucose to form simple, double glycoside molecules discussed?

Link-#61 Link-#22 Link-#11 Link-#23

Question #2

Ethyl glucoside is a molecule formed by joining a glucose molecule to a molecule of ethyl alcohol. Making this new molecule is a good example of glucoside formation.

In which of the following links is the properties and outcomes of glucoside formation discussed and described?

Link-#23 Link-#93 Link-#56 Link-#86

Question #3

Maltose is a disaccharide. Two glucose molecules are joined together to form a "double-saccharide".

In which of the following links the process of joining glucose to another molecule that has an alcohol group as part of its structure discussed and described?

Link-#23 Link-#81 Link-#39 Link-#77

Question #4

Glycans are polymers of saccharides, particularly common are those using glucose as a monomer.

In which of the following links is are the properties of these huge glycan molecules discussed and described?

Link-#23 Link-#51 Link-#45 Link-#49

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