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Physical Structure
Concept Questions

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Question #1

One of the major discoveries made about the structure of the atoms was made using the apparatus shown in Image #1. This equipment help scientists discover that atoms not solid spheres as imagined by Dalton.

In which of the links below do you find a description of this equipment and how it was used to break open the atom?

Link-#62 Link-#73 Link-#81 Link-#89

Question #2

Image #2 shows one of the outcomes when two waves meet. When two wave forms meet exactly in phase with one another the result is a new wave that is much 'larger', or greater in amplitude.

In which of the links below is this property of waves used to discover a very strange property of all matter, but especially very small objects such as electrons?

Link-#59 Link-#37 Link-#41 Link-#46

Question #3

Light and electrons interact with oneanother in some very interesting ways. In Image #3 light photons are crashing into a metal plate and dislodging electrons into the environment. This effect was used to discover some very important relationships between energy, electrons, light and where the electrons were positioned within an atom.

In which of the links below is this relationship discovered and discussed?

Link-#188 Link-#121 Link-#103 Link-#154

Question #4

Image #4 Shows what happens when a small amount of a substance is heated until it glows. The light coming from the glowing substance can be passed through a prism and separated out into thin bands of color. This is called an 'emission spectrum'.

In which of the following links is there a description of how this technique can be used to identify unknown substances, and also tell us something about the organization and structure of the atom?

Link-#292 Link-#271 Link-#372 Link-#393

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