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Properties of Proteins
Concept Questions

Question #1

All macromolecules, including proteins, are constructed using the same basic principle; they are all polymers.

In which of the following links is there a discussion of the critical capacity that all monomers have to form covalent links between themselves and other monomers?

Link-#103 Link-#128 Link-#254 Link-#156

Question #2

Small molecules of an odorless gas can be transformed both in chemical and physical properties to a material that shields radar cables?

In which of the following links is the discovery of this chemical process described, and why did no one think it important?

Link-#288 Link-#112 Link-#214 Link-#193

Question #3

Different proteins contain different amounts of the various amino acids. In the protein hemoglobin, for example, there is more of the amino acid aspartic acid than there is proline.

In which of the following links is a comparison made between eight amino acids and their percent occurence in this important protein?

Link-#144 Link-#210 Link-#191 Link-#171

Question #4

Silk protein, beta-keratin, a spider's web and your finger nails all have something in common - at least as far as their structural proteins are concerned.

In which of the following links is one special aspect of the shape of the protein molecule, which these substances have in common, described?

Link-#241 Link-#228 Link-#298 Link-#235

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