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Meiosis and Genes
Concept Questions

Question #1

DNA molecules and genes are too small to be seen, even with the most powerful light microscopes. However, at certain times in the cell cycle, and using special techniques of fixation and coloration, it is possible to "see" the largest arrangement of biological information.

In which of the following links is a technique described in which the physical structure of the gene carriers can be seen and even characterized?

Link-#103 Link-#128 Link-#254 Link-#156

Question #2

Some chromosomes carry genes that are "structural" and help build and maintain the cells, there roles, and the form of the whole body of the creature or organism. Other chromosomes carry genes that determine important and distinguishing characteristics about the individual organism.

In which of the following links is there a description of the two major types of chromosomes that play these important, but different roles?

Link-#288 Link-#112 Link-#214 Link-#193

Question #3

Not all life cycles are the same. Although there is a common theme of increasing and then decreasing the amount or number of copies of important biological information, there are considerable differences with regard to how long and in what manner organisms spend in any one genetic state and how they get from one state to another.

In which of the following links are these different types of life cycle discussed, and the nature of the changes described?

Link-#144 Link-#210 Link-#191 Link-#171

Question #4

All multicellular organisms consist of at least two major types of cells; those that "build the body" and those that are used to perpetuate the species.

In which of the following links is the type of cell that is used to create the next generation described and at least one of the ways in which it develops is discussed?

Link-#241 Link-#228 Link-#298 Link-#235

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