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Meiosis and Genes
Concept Questions

Question #1

During the critical preparation for chromosome separation in meiosis, the physical nature of the DNA and its relationship to its packing with histones and other proteins is dramatically altered.

In which of the following links is there a description of this early stage, when the physical nature of the pre-division chromosomes is dramatically altered?

Link-#103 Link-#128 Link-#254 Link-#156

Question #2

During at least part of meiosis, homologous chromosome pairs are held together, at a critical stage, by a mysterious structure called the 'synaptonemal complex'.

In which of the following links is this 'complex' shown and it purpose described?

Link-#288 Link-#112 Link-#214 Link-#193

Question #3

Just before the complicated complex of chromatids and DNA molecules becomes attached to the spindle fibers in meiosis, the "spot welds" that hold the parts of the complex together all move to the ends of the chromosomes. It is not known why.

In which of the following links is this final preparation stage illustrated and described?

Link-#144 Link-#210 Link-#191 Link-#171

Question #4

Once all the chromosomes and chromatids have been separated into different areas of the meitotically dividing cell, the fate of the haploid collections of biological information can be very different.

In which of the following links are the various outcomes of a single meiosis illustrated?

Link-#241 Link-#228 Link-#298 Link-#235

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