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Properties of Cells
Concept Questions

Question #1

In 1858 the quality of light microscopes and the skill with which specimens were prepared, had advanced considerably. Many more scientists began to explore the world of cells and were starting to come to some amazing conclusions as to the "cellular" nature of life.

In which of the following links is the work of two pioneering scientists discussed and the nature of their contributions to our understanding of cell biology described?

Link-#103 Link-#128 Link-#254 Link-#156

Question #2

Some living organisms, such as whales and redwood trees, grow to enormous sizes. However the basic units of life rarely grow beyond a volume of 500 x 10-15 liters or 106 µm3.

In which of the following links is the property of cell volume used to explain the reason for this large difference?

Link-#288 Link-#112 Link-#214 Link-#193

Question #3

The very first cells probably lived over 3 billion years ago.

In which of the following links is the evidence for discovery and nature of these very early cells discussed?

Link-#144 Link-#210 Link-#191 Link-#171

Question #4

Some very important types of cells organized their genetic material into a single circular form.

In which of the following links are these cells described and the nature of their information storage discussed?

Link-#241 Link-#228 Link-#298 Link-#235

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