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Properties of Carbohydrates
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In this assignment there are sets of color coded concept questions. You can reach and then read each set of questions by clicking on the appropriate links.

  1. You must printout your Personal Concept Question Page (see below).

  2. You must research and then answer each of your assigned questions. You should enter your answer on your Personal Concept Question Page.

  3. You must bring your completed Personal Concept Question Page to the appropriate examination.

Link to BLUE......... questions

Link to GREEN...... questions

Link to RED........... questions

Link to BROWN..... questions

Start Here:
Print out your
personal concept question
Carefully enter your Seat Number or PCIN number
MM34, or MA56, or WA41)
in the box below, click, and print out the page that appears.

Answer the four questions (one from each group), write your answers on the question page, and bring the completed assignment to the appropriate exam for grading purposes.

Personal Concept Question Page

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