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Properties of DNA
Concept Questions

Question #1

Newly forming DNA molecules grow and elongate continuously. However, each complimentary strand of the molecule is created in slightly different ways.

In which of the following links is there a discussion of the two ways in which the opposite, complimentary strands are replicated?

Link-#103 Link-#128 Link-#254 Link-#156

Question #2

At the moment of its discovery, the significance of DNA was not recognized?

In which of the following links is the substance nuclein first isolated and described, and why did no one think it important?

Link-#288 Link-#112 Link-#214 Link-#193

Question #3

Today's picture of DNA as a long polymer took a long time to evolve.

In which of the following links is it first established that two long chains of polynucleotide were somehow involved with one another?

Link-#144 Link-#210 Link-#191 Link-#171

Question #4

When Maurice Wilkins first pulled a long strand of DNA from solution, the molecule was in just the right shape for an analysis of its 3-D form.

In which of the following links is the special 3-D shape of the DNA molecule first discovered and described?

Link-#241 Link-#228 Link-#298 Link-#235

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