Biological Energy
Something for Nothing
If you use a crowbar, or lever, to pry open a door, or move a heavy box across a room, you are illustrating the point that you cannot get 'something for nothing'. At one end of the lever you put in
First Law of Thermodynamics
Forms of Energy
Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, only converted from one form into another.
These are the words of the First Law of Thermodynamics and represent an important advance on the idea of '
Heat and Temperature
Energy on the Move
Heat is energy on the move. It is energy that is transferred from one object to another object when there is a temperature difference between them. Heat flows from the hotter object to the colder
Thermometers and Scales
Measuring the Temperature
Most people think of thermometers as long thin glass tubes filled either with mercury or with some red liquid. They know that body temperature is either 96.8 ° F or 37 ° C, and have some familiarity
Energy never available
Nicholas Leonard Sadi Carnot studied engines. In England engineers had used heat to expand gases and the expanding gases used to drive pistons in cylinders.
The movement of pistons could then be
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