The Building of Boylan Hall

The Building of Boylan Hall

Construction begins on the Midwood Campus.

This building surrounded the central quadrangle and was first called the "Academic Building", later Boylan Hall. This was to be a five story academic structure with a mirror image science building the other side of the quadrangle. Although these buildings were to have state-of-the-art laboratories, a roomy cafeteria and lots of new, large class rooms, there was no provision for an elevator. It was assumed that fit young men and women would benefit from the exercise of walking up and down stairs!

The buildings were completed more or less on schedule, but, even after the impressive opening ceremonies, the landscaping left a lot to be desired. A few days after the special guests had left it rained. And rained. The Quadrangle became and impassable quagmire waggishly termed the "Bilder Sea" after the Dean of Women. Shamed by a humorous article in the Vanguard, wooden walkways were constructed, but even as late as 1939 there was still a lot of finishing off to be done.


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