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Core Studies Courses

The Core Curriculum

Brooklyn College has established a college-wide core curriculum, effective with the entering class of September, 1981, which must be completed by all candidates for a baccalaureate degree. The core curriculum consists of ten interrelated courses call "Core Studies" courses plus a foreign language requirement. Core Studies courses vary in size and design. Some courses consist of separate but interlocking parts that have separate number designations. Though the parts, in some cases, may be taken separately, they should be regarded as forming a single unit.

The faculty has established the courses in the core curriculum according to the following criteria.

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This is the Biology 8.1 Core course. It has a lot of connections, and is being used in a "Science at a Distance" project. Check it out.
Biology Core 8.1
These courses will be getting connections soon. Stay tuned!

Core Studies 1
Classical Origins of Western Culture
Core Studies 2
Introduction to Art; Introduction to Music
Core Studies 3
People, Power and Politics
Core Studies 4
The Shaping of the Modern World
Core Studies 5
Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning and Computer Programming
Core Studies 6
Landmarks of Literature
Core Studies 7 : Science in Modern Life I
7.1 Chemistry
7.2 Physics
Core Studies 8 : Science in Modern Life II
8.1 Biology
8.2 Geology
Core Studies 9
Studies in African, Asian and Latin American Cultures
Core Studies 10
Knowledge, Existence and Values
Core Sequence: planning a program
  • Students are expected to complete and required remedial work before beginning Core Studies courses.
  • Full-time students will normally complete the core studies over two or three years of college study.
  • Students are encouraged to lay out programs of study in advance, consulting with a college adviser at any time, and bearing in mind any special requirements of possible major fields.
  • Part-time students in day or evening sessions may extend sequences over a longer period of time than indicated (without regard to actual number of semesters taken).
  • All core studies courses should be completed by the time a student has earned 96 credits. However, students in the English-as-a-Second-Language Program may take Core Studies 6 after the completion of 96 credits.
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