A Former Field in Flatbush

A former field in Flatbush

Once known as the Wood-Harmon property, this 40- acre field in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn eventually became the site of the new campus for the growing Brooklyn College. Approved for purchase at the fire-sale price of $1,6000,000 in December 1934, the nascent Brooklyn College still required a combination loan-grant of $5,500,000 from the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works for the construction of its new buildings. Mayor LaGuardia later claimed credit for going to Washington and personally getting the President to approve the funds, provided that, "Fiorello, can you do all this in one year?"

The Board of Estimate gave final approval for the planned purchase in July 1935 and the title on the property passed to New York City on August 29th. Brooklyn College was coming to "a former field in Flatbush".


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