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Joel Zwick MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING VHS A85 Widescreen 01:35:00 2002  
Clint Eastwood UNFORGIVEN Laser disc L105 Widescreen 02:11:00 1992  
Paul Brickman RISKY BUSINESS VHS T290 Academy 01:38:00 1983  
Sergei Parajnov Sergei Parajnov's Shadow of Forgotten Ancestors VHS T291 Academy 01:39:00 1964  
Doug Block THE HECK WITH HOLLYWOOD VHS T32 Academy 00:57:00 1991  
M. Night Shyamalan UNBREAKABLE VHS T89 Widescreen 01:46:00 2000  
Jean Renoir BOUDU SAVED FROM DROWNING VHS T9 Academy 01:21:00 1932  
Federico Fellini AMARCORD VHS T91 Widescreen 02:07:00 1973  
Alfred Hitchcock BLACKMAIL VHS T92 Academy 01:24:00 1929  
Phillip Haas ANGELS AND INSECTS VHS A1 Academy 01:56:00 1995
Edward Zwick LEGENDS OF THE FALL VHS A10 Widescreen 02:13:00 1994
Jodie Copelan Ambush at Cimarron Pass VHS A100 Academy 01:13:00 1958
Gilles Grangier Le Sang a la Tete VHS A101 Academy 01:23:00 1956
Claude Zidi Asterix et Obelix Contre Cesar VHS A102 Academy 01:49:00 1999
Francois Ozon Swimming Pool VHS A103 Academy 01:43:00 2003  

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