Decennial Evaluation and Accreditation Process, 2009

In fall 2006, Brooklyn College began its preparation for our accreditation review by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in 2009-a timetable established by Middle States that encompasses three academic years. Milestones in the process include:

  • Year 1 (2006-2007) Launch and Organization of the Self-Study Effort
    1. Brooklyn College Steering Committee appointed by the President in October 2006 and college representatives attend the Middle States Self-Study Training Institute.
    2. Steering Committee selected a comprehensive report format and recommended a governance structure consisting of seven Working Groups to address the fourteen Middle States Standards of Excellence.
    3. A Preliminary Self-Study Design, including charges for the seven Working Groups, was drafted and sent to Middle States Liaison Officer.
    4. The Middle States Liason Officer visited the College on April 19, 2007; thereafter, the Self-Study Design was finalized and submitted to Middle States.
  • Year 2 (2007-2008) Development of the Self-Study and Planning for the Site Visit
    1. Working Groups investigations took place, and individual reports were presented in April 2008. The Steering Committee monitored progress and provided a forum for discussion of issues that cut across the Working Groups.
    2. The Chairperson and members of the visiting team were identified and the accreditation visit was scheduled for spring 2009.
    3. Last, Working Group reports were merged into a Self-Study draft report.
  • Year 3 (2008-2009) Issuing Self-Study and Hosting the Site Visit
    1. Drafted a Self-Study Report and circulated to college community; scheduled town meetings; finalized the Self-Study sent it to Middle States and the visiting team.
    2. The site visit took place April 2009; afterwords, the visiting team report and college response were produced.
    3. Commission action accrediting Brooklyn College was finalized in summer/fall 2009.

Key Documents: