Full-Time Faculty Positions


Job ID Title   Department
3202Assistant/Associate Professor Molecular Systematics and EcologyBiology
3204Assistant ProfessorGeneral Accounting and Taxation Accounting


Assistant ProfessorHealth or Environmental Economics Economics
3243Associate or Full Professor

Constitutional Rights (Herb Kurz Endowed Chair)

Political Science
3886Assistant Professor  Political Science
3885 Assistant ProfessorCoordinator of Women's Studies Program Sociology

HOW TO APPLY - For a detailed step-by-step illustrated instuction guide please click here

Step 1: Go to www.cuny.edu and click on “Employment"

Click “Search job listings”
Click on “More search options”
Search by Job Opening ID number
Click on the “Apply Now” button.

Step 2: Submit an On-line Application

NOTE: If when trying to upload your documents you get an error message saying that "Your resume cannot be parsed at this time" please just shorten the name of your file. This error occurs when the file name is too long.

Follow all instructions listed on the specific job positng. Note that there may be additional requirements mentioned besides submitting an online application.



Do I have to register to search for jobs?

No. A User Name and Password are only required when you apply for a position.

Are there rules for User Name and Password?

No. We recommend that you write down your User Name and Password or save them in an appropriate place so you can keep track of your current or future job applications.

Which sections must I complete?

The required information for on-line applicants is:

What happens if I don't submit all the required information?

Your application may not be sent to the Search Committee.

How do I submit the required documents?

You may upload the cover letter and curriculum vitae and additional required supporting documentation during the online application process. Please follow the instructions regarding additional required supporting documentation outlined in the specific job posting for which you are applying. All uploaded documents must be in .doc, .pdf or text format. Unless stated otherwise, please arrange to have 3 letters of recommendation sent to Michael T. Hewitt, AVP for Human Resource Services, 1219 Boylan Hall, Brooklyn College, 2900 Beford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11210.

Can an application be revised after it is submitted?

No. An application cannot be revised once it has been submitted. You will need to complete another application.

Whom do I contact if I need assistance?

Contact the Office of Human Resource Services at 718-951-5131 or bcjobs@brooklyn.cuny.edu