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Greetings, Vanguardians!

It seems like yesterday that we decided to have a Vanguard website.
Well, it wasn't. It was quite a while ago. Still, our patience is being rewarded, and what you are looking at is the actual Vanguard welcome page (If that's not what you're seeing, it's probably e-bay. Start bidding).

In any case, after a serious period of planning, we now have the space, the Articles and the hutzpah to get started. Our website is actually inside the big Brooklyn College website, the best place for us to be, and that was accomplished By the encouragement and approval of BC President Christoph Kimmich, to whom we extend our thanks and gratitude.

And also a hearty thanks to the Computer Center at BC, especially Leonora Kissis, for helping with the technical requirements.

We are launching with this edition of the Vanguard web site. It's a nice menu that includes:

  • a piece by Larry Friedman about Vanguardians even more ancient than us,
  • an article by Henry Grinberg on how some of us look back on V's influence on our lives,
  • a list of existing Vanguardians with e-mail, telephone numbers and so on,
  • a construct by Esther (Gold) Dorfman showing where we live now,
  • a message page for you to send messages for us to read - starting with how you are, what you're doing, who you see, and how embarrassed you must be if you voted for Bush,
  • an article by Herb Dorfman about a decidedly strange Thanksgiving, apiece by Al Lasher (Alyosha) about a dinner salute to Myron Kandel,
  • and a look at the first Vanguard Prize, to be given annually, (and that moan you hear is a dejected HDG.}

We've sent everybody the link, the URL to get into the website. If you know of a Vanguardian who didn't get it, e-mail that person's e-mail to me.. My ((Herb Dorfman's) e-mail is

We've had some nostalgia, some regrets, much enjoyment putting this edition together. It will get even better when we start hearing from you all.

Herb Dorfman, Al Lasher, Larry Friedman, Mike Levitas, Rhoda Hendricks, Esther Gold Dorfman and many others put this together. Plenty of room for everybody.


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