The Planning Council and Its Subcommittees

Planning Council

Laura Kitch, Chair

Osmond Allen (Student)

Ellen C. Belton (Dean of Undergraduate Studies)

Wendy W. Fairey (English)

Nancy Hager (Director, Conservatory of Music)

Steve G. Little (Acting Vice President, Finance and Administration)

Milga Morales (Dean for Student Life)

Richard Pizer (Dean of Graduate Studies and Research)

Deborah A. Shanley (Dean, School of Education)

Charles Tobey (Chair, Physical Education and Exercise Science)

Maurice Callahan (Executive Assistant to the Provost), Staff

Alice Newcomb-Doyle (Assistant Director, Public Relations), Staff


Planning Council Subcommittees

Academic Quality: Faculty

Eric Steinberg (Assistant Provost), Chair

Malgorzata Ciszkowska (Chemistry)

Margaret L. King (History)

Betty W. Levin (Health and Nutrition Sciences)

Mariana Regalado (Library)

Nelson Santos (Student)

Academic Quality: Programs

Philip F. Gallagher (Chair, History), Chair

Karen Boothe (Student)

Myra Kogen (Director, Learning Center)

Peter M. S. Lesser (Chair, Physics)

Abigail Rosenthal (Philosophy)

Rosamond Welchman (School of Education)

Academic Quality: Students

Kathleen V. Axen (Health and Nutrition Sciences), Chair

Alberto M. Bursztyn (Assistant Dean, School of Education)

Mundeep Kainth (Student)

Stephen J. Lepore (Psychology)

Maria Perez y Gonzalez (Puerto Rican and Latino Studies)

William M. Sherzer (Chair, Modern Languages and Literatures)

Community Outreach

Jerome Krase (Chair, Sociology), Chair

Esther Polanco (Student)

Nancy B. Romer (Psychology)

Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo (Puerto Rican and Latino Studies)

Donald A. Wenz (Director, Campus Security and Public Safety)

Helen Wussow (Assistant Dean, Adult Degree Programs and Continuing Education)

Educational Technology

J. Roger Dunkle (Chair, Classics), Chair

Moraima Burgos (Student)

George Brunner, III (Conservatory of Music)

Nicholas Irons (Academic Computing Center)

Lilia Melani (English)

Wayne G. Powell (Geology)

Lori L. Scarlatos (Computer and Information Science)

External Scan

Richard Pizer (Dean, Graduate Studies), Chair

Ellen Belton (Dean, Undergraduate Studies)

Sally Bermanzohn (Political Science)

Maurice Callahan (Provost's Office)

Bonnie Impagliazzo (Institutional Advancement)

Lincoln Sessoms (Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Services)

Financial Health and Effective Resource Management

Mervin F. Verbit (Sociology), Chair

Shara Berkowitz (Student)

David C. Bloomfield (School of Education)

Kathleen A. Gover (Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies)

Mereese Ladson (Business Manager and Comptroller)

Edward Leight (Research and Program Development)

Diane Oquendo (Budget)

Integrated Management Information Systems

Timothy Shortell (Sociology), Chair

Joan Antonicelli (Registrar)

Alan Evelyn (Research and Program Development)

Barbra B. Higginbotham (Chief Librarian)

Bruce MacIntyre (Conservatory of Music)

Howard Spivak (Library)

Denisa Superville (Student)

Scott Yates (Information Technology Services)

Internal and External Communications

Timothy J. Gura (Chair, Speech Communication Arts and Sciences), Chair

Connie Di Geronimo (Institutional Advancement)

Tanni Haas (Speech Communication Arts and Sciences)

Vicki Irgang (Center for Educational Change)

Barbara Jo Lewis (Television and Radio)

Susan J. Vaughn (Library)

Modern Facilities

Hal Himmelstein (Chair, Television and Radio), Chair

Antony Arcadi (Chair, Economics)

Steve G. Czirak (Assistant Vice President, Facilities Planning and Operations)

Miriam Deutch (Library)

Scott Kuperberg (Student)

Richard S. Magliozzo (Chemistry)

Stephen Margolies (Art)

Performance Assessment

Steve G. Little (Acting Vice President, Finance and Administration), Chair

Aaron M. Tenenbaum (Chair, Computer and Information Science)

Kathleen A. Gover (Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies)

R. Glen Hass (Chair, Psychology)

H. Andrew Riew (Institutional Research)

Student-Centered Programs and Policies

Mark Patkowski (English as a Second Language), Chair

Melanie Bush (Student Life)

Carol A. Korn (School of Education)

Gregory A. Kuhlman (Director, Personal Counseling and Career Services)

Robert Ramos (Student)