Brooklyn College Ranks #1 in the Princeton Review for Most Beautiful Campus
and in Top Ten for Best Academic Value, Diversity, and Location

The neo-Georgian Brooklyn College campus was ranked as more beautiful than any other college campus in the nation.

August 20, 2002   The 2003 edition of The Best 345 Colleges, published by the Princeton Review today, hails Brooklyn College as one of the premier public liberal arts colleges in the country.

    Brooklyn College was ranked number one in the country for the beauty of its campus, outshining such schools as Vassar College, Bryn Mawr College, and Stanford University. It ranked in the top five colleges nationwide for best academic value and for having an environment where students from different backgrounds interact. Brooklyn College was also ranked number nine in the nation for being situated in a “great college town.”

     “The world now knows what we knew all along, and we're delighted,” said Christoph M. Kimmich, president of Brooklyn College. “And we're proud to be recognized for our high academic quality. The faculty makes all the difference. We have Pulitzer Prize-winners, world-famous researchers, internationally-known artists and composers—they’re here on this campus, sharing their knowledge with the students.”

      Students surveyed noted that the college provides a great deal of academic choice, including the popular film studies program, computer and information sciences, and the natural sciences. They also commended Brooklyn College’s outstanding faculty.

     The 2003 edition also reported that student life on the Midwood campus offers a wide range of academic and special-interest clubs. Brooklyn College is also a venue for the arts, including jazz concerts, dance performances, and plays. Students involved in such activities and events told the Princeton Review that “Life at Brooklyn College is a wonderful experience, so long as one takes advantage of all the college has to offer.”

     Considered a leading publication for students who are applying to colleges, The Best 345 Colleges includes a two-page overview of each school that examines the institution’s culture, academics, social life, student body composition, and admissions procedures. Sidebars on each page supply further information in a tabular form, rating campus life, academics, and difficulty of admission, and providing a freshman profile and financial facts. The guide also includes frank student opinions on the colleges profiled, based on campus surveys of some 65,000 students.


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