New Faculty Bring Worlds of Knowledge to Brooklyn College

Eric Alterman, English, on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The thirty-two new full-time faculty members coming to Brooklyn College this fall are as diverse as they are accomplished.

Rising stars, academic veterans, and provocative thinkers round out the largest incoming class of new faculty in decades and include such national figures as artists Archie Rand, Elizabeth Murray, and Patricia Cronin and the columnist Eric Alterman (English). Murray and Cronin started teaching last year and are now full-time faculty members. Cronin’s history with BC goes even further back—it’s where she earned an M.F.A. in 1988.

Juan Gonzalez, Political Science and Puerto Rican and Latino Studies

Many of the new faculty members have done important scholarly work close to home, in or near New York City. The sociologist Aviva Zeltzer-Zubida has been studying Russian Jewish young adults in New York City, and Jillian R. Cavanaugh, Anthropology and Archaeology, studies linguistic shifts and sociocultural change in Brooklyn’s Italian communities. Juan Gonzalez, Political Science and Puerto Rican and Latino Studies, is an award-winning columnist for the Daily News who has done extensive work on the environmental effects of 9/11.

Brooklyn College continually attracts academics whose work reflects current realities in the world. Hervé Queneau, Economics, has written extensively on gender issues in the workplace, and Noel S. Anderson, Education, is an expert in education policy and urban school reform. Mary DeBey, a Brooklyn College graduate who will be teaching in the School of Education, has done extensive work evaluating the effectiveness of educational programs. Paul McCabe, Education, is a school psychologist with an emphasis on early childhood education. McCabe is currently studying social competence in language-delayed preschool populations. Carolina Bank Muñoz, Sociology, is a specialist in labor, immigration, and globalization, and Carol M. Connell, Economics, has written extensively on the globalization and the impact of outsourcing labor on comparative advantage. Curtis D. Hardin, Psychology, studies social cognition and has published on stereotyping, the self-concept, and social identification. Joshua Fogel, Economics, a 1993 graduate of Brooklyn College, specializes in consumer behavior and the use of medical information on the Internet. He is also the editor of the Internet Journal of Mental Health.

Tim Dun, Speech Communication Arts and Sciences

Other new faculty have timeless specialties: Jennifer Ball and Rachel Kousser, Art, are historians: Ball specializes in Western Medieval, Byzantine, and Islamic art as well as the history of dress, and Kousser is an expert on Roman art. Robert Thibodeau, Classics, is a specialist in Augustan poetry (Virgil, Horace, and Ovid). Tim Dun, Speech Communication Arts and Sciences, whose field of interest includes interpersonal and group communication, has done research on the behavior of married couples, while David E. Balk, Health and Nutrition Science, is an expert on bereavement, especially among adolescents. Saam Trivedi, Philosophy, is a former Rhodes Scholar who specializes in ancient questions of aesthetics and musical expression.

   Top scientists have also joined Brooklyn College’s faculty. Andrzej A. Jarzecki, Chemistry, comes to Brooklyn from a post-doctoral program at Princeton University, where he specialized in studying how such inorganic elements as iron, cobalt, copper, and zinc are involved in biological processes. Laura Rabin, Psychology, specializes in the cognitive and neurophysiological changes in the human brain. Shaheen M. Singh, Biology, is a microbiologist who holds a doctorate in biotechnology and comes to Brooklyn College from Weill Medical College of Cornell University. Edson de Faria, Mathematics, is an accomplished number theorist who earned his doctorate at the CUNY Graduate Center. Laurel A. Cooley, Mathematics, is an expert in mathematics education, as is Lori M. Allen, Education. Jason Siegler, Physical Education and Exercise Science, has researched a wide range of sport physiology and environmental effects on the human body. Roberto Sánchez-Delgado, Chemistry, is an expert in metallo-organic compounds, and, as such, was a member of the team of United Nations weapons inspectors who visited Iraq in the 1990s to look for weapons of mass destruction.

Andrzej A. Jarzecki, Chemistry

   Many new faculty have published outstanding works in their fields, including Robert Moses Shapiro, Judaic Studies, whose comprehensive book Why Didn't the Press Shout?: American and International Journalism During the Holocaust (2003) is the standard work in this area of Holocaust studies. Randall Hansis, Education, is the author of the textbook The Latin Americans: Understanding Their Legacy (1997), and Emily Brady, Philosophy, has published extensively on environmental philosophy—her most recent book is Aesthetics of the Natural Environment (2003). The new specialist in philosophy, religion, and Judaic studies at the Brooklyn College Library, Paraskeva Dimova-Angelov, is also an author and is working on a comprehensive bibliography of the works of Honoré de Balzac—no small task, since the man wrote more than ninety novels. The work of Vinit Parmar, Film, can be heard on dozens of independent films where he has been responsible for sound recording. When not on a film shoot, Parmar is a practicing attorney.


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