CHST 2100 Perspectives on Childhood

3 hours; 3 credits

Childhood viewed from the perspectives of health science, history, literature, psychology, sociology, and the arts. The history of childhood; autobiography as inquiry into the child's selfhood; the child's imagination; child development and health; adolescence as life-stage and perceptions of adolescence; the child in relation to the family, school, and community; children's experiences of personal, social, and political problems; social, economic, and educational policies affecting children; children's rights and international policy. May be team-taught. (Not open to students who have completed Children's Studies [1] or 2100.)

Prerequisite: Core Studies 1, 3, or 4, and English 1010 [1]; or Core Curriculum 1110 [1.1], 1220 or 1230 [2.2, or 2.3,] and English 1010 [1]; or permission of program director.


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