CISC 2531 Operations Management

3 hours; 3 credits

Study in managerial decision making to solve a wide range of operating management problems. Topics covered include: planning, evaluation and control of operations; forecasting and inventory management; scheduling; project design and management; resource allocation; queuing models; quality of the work environment; and technological change. Design and implementation of management strategy will be emphasized through computer simulation, problems, and cases. This course is the same as Business 3430. Not open to students who have enrolled in or have completed Mathematics 3606 [73.2] or Economics [31.4].)

Prerequisites: Core Curriculum 1312 [3.12], or Core 5.1, or Computer and Information Science 1000 [1.0], or 1050[5.2], or 1110 [1.5], or 1115, or both of 1113 and 1114, or 1170, or 1180; Computer and Information Science 2210 [11], or Business 3400 [30.2], or Psychology 3400, or Economics 3400 [30.2], or Mathematics 2501 [8.1], or Mathematics 3501 [51.1].


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