CISC 4335 Parallel and Distributed Computing

3 hours; 3 credits

Development of parallel and distributed applications. Examples taken from scientific programming, artificial intelligence, operations research, and management science. Symmetric models and asymmetric models. Client-server. Threaded programming. Data parallelism versus algorithmic parallelism. Issues of resource utilization, program decomposition, performance, probability, debugging. Use of formal methods, fault-tolerance, security and other distributed systems issues.

Prerequisite: Computer and Information Science 3130 [22]; 3305 [27] or 3310 [27.1] or 3315 [28] or permission of the chairperson of the Department of Computer and Information Science; and one of the following: Computer and Information Science 1150 [2.50], 1170 [2.70], 3160 [24], 3320 [25], 3150 [26], 3410 [32], 3350 [46], 3330 [47], 3820 [48].


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