HEBR 4027 Mishnah

3 hours; 3 credits

Reading and analysis of select passages from the Mishnah, the first code of Rabbinic Jewish law, dating to the 2nd to 3rd centuries CE, out of which all subsequent Rabbinic law developed. The Mishnah reflects major concerns of Judaism in antiquity including agricultural, marital, and business law, rules regarding the sabbath and holidays, sacrifices, purity, and impurity. Training in Rabbinic dialects of Hebrew. Texts will be read in the original Hebrew. Students may take this class for credit multiple times but may not repeat topics. Qualifies as a LOTE (Language Other Than English) course for Pathways College Option purposes. This course is the same as JUST 4027.

Prerequisite: None, but the student should speak with the instructor or chairperson to assess that the course is at the right level for the student.


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