MUSC 2791 American Music Practice

2 hours lecture, 2 hours practicum; 3 credits

Workshop for American Music BA students to learn practical applied music skills in four different general areas of American music. Students will learn group performance skills in vocal or instrumental areas, connections between the history, culture, and practice of the genre, and develop digital and/or place-based group performances as final projects. Topics in the regular rotation will include: R&B and Hip Hop; Pan-Caribbean Practices; Gospel & Praise Band; and Music Theater, and/or a Special Topic. As part of their degree, students may take American Music Practice up to four times with permission of the advisor or instructor, or they may substitute another practical course in Music with permission of the advisor or instructor.

Pre/Corequisites: Students must take MUSC 1300 and/or MUSC 1400 either prior to or concurrently with their first semester of MUSC 2791.


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