MUSC 5881 Music Internship

3 hours; 1 credit

Supervised on- or off-campus work at least one day per week in an office or classroom of a business, educational facility, or other agency providing professional experience in music, music performance, or music research. Submission of a critical report on the experience. This course may be taken for credit twice, but students may not offer more than six credits from Music 5881 [88.1], 5882 [88.2], and 5883 [88.3] toward a degree.

Prerequisite: Music 6.3 or 3213 [21.3], 7.3 or 3233 [23.3] or 3236, 11.3 or 3242 [24.2]; junior or senior standing; permission of the director. Permission requires the submission of letters from two faculty members attesting to the student's capacity to complete successfully the proposed internship project.


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