POLS 3651 Internship in New York City Government, Politics, and Social Movements

1 hour seminar plus 90 hours fieldwork; 3 credits

Supervised internships in government agencies, legislative offices, or organizations in the private and public sector. Students will be responsible for required readings, a diary of field experiences and observations, and a term paper. One hour in the classroom per week, and a minimum of 90 and a maximum of 120 hours of field placement during the semester. Students are encouraged to meet with the department's internship coordinator one semester prior to registration to discuss and arrange placement.

Prerequisite: Core Studies 3 or Core Curriculum 1230, or any Political Science course in the 1000-level range, or English 1010 or equivalent, or permission of department. Corequisite: Political Science 3650, Seminar in NYC Government, Politics, and Social Movements.


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