TREM 4777 Capstone in Journalism and Media Studies

2 hours lecture, 8 hours laboratory; 6 credits

Students engage in the creation of portfolios of their work including a culminating project designed and created during the semester. Students commit individual and communal acts of journalism devised by them as a cohort and news unit across multiple platforms. The semester?s work culminates in public portfolio review and the publication of a web-native essay in which students articulate their journalistic practices and achievements in the context of current scholarship in journalism ethics, practices and industrial strategies.

Prerequisite: Senior class standing plus Television, Radio and Emerging Media 2032, 2726W, 2401; and two of the following: Television, Radio and Emerging Media 3402, 3403, 3404, 4403, 4173 or 4047; and two of the following: Television, Radio and Emerging Media 3782, 3841, 3891, 3925, 3951, 4040, 4042, 4045, or 4728, or permission of the Department Chair.


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