CBSE 3201 Education and Society: Teaching the Social Sciences

2 hours recitation, 2 hours supervised field experience; 3 credits

The teaching of social science contributions to the teaching of social studies. The influence of culture, class, ethnicity, gender and race, as well as factors in the home, school, and community, on students' readiness to learn, and on the creation of a sense of active citizenship, sense of community, and respect for one another. Approaches to the social studies curriculum that address multiple research-validated instructional strategies, the uses of technology, and assessment methods for all students, including English language learners and students with special needs. Continuation of portfolio development. Fieldwork in classrooms.

Prerequisite: Childhood and Special Education 2001 and 2002. Corequisite: Childhood and Special Education 3205 and one of the following: Africana Studies 3324, Anthropology 3135, Political Science 3141, Psychology 2040, Puerto Rican and Latino Studies 3325, Sociology 2200. A student who receives a failing grade in Childhood and Special Education 3201 and a grade of C or higher in the corequisite social science course may with departmental permission, repeat Childhood and Special Education 3201 without a corequisite requirement.


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