CBSE 7471T Childhood Education: Student Teaching in Grades 1 - 6

30 hours, 300 hours or 40 days supervised teaching practice; 3 credits

Supervised fieldwork in teaching childhood education; problems and issues in the organization of all aspects of childhood education curriculum; emphasis on the development of an interdisciplinary approach to teaching. Focus on self-reflective teaching and assessment; techniques of instruction, integration of instructional technology, classroom management, skills in fostering effective relationships and interactions to support all students, development of collaborative school-community relationships. Readings and discussions on significant education issues, including preventing child abduction, substance abuse, safety education, and child abuse awareness. Attention is given to the particular needs and interests of students, including English language learners and students with special needs.

Prerequisite: Childhood and Special Education 7205T, 7216X, 7440T, 7213T or permission of the program head.


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