HIST 3442 Twentieth-Century America: 1945-present

(Prior to Fall 2010, this course was known as HIST 41.7.
The information below might still reflect the old course numbers. Bracketed numbers, if any, are the old course numbers. Learn more...)

3 hours; 3 credits

The Korean War and American society; nuclear weapons and U.S. foreign policy; McCarthyism and the culture of the Cold War; the presidency of Dwight Eisenhower; the emergence of the civil rights movement; liberalism and the dilemmas of the 1960s; Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society; the United States in Vietnam; the counterculture and student dissenting movements; 1968 and the collapse of the New Deal coalition; Richard Nixon and Watergate; environmentalism, feminism, and new social movements; the revitalization of American conservatism; the Reagan presidency; the intersection of law and politics; the United States after the Cold War.


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