HIST 3472 American Dreams and Realities

(Prior to Fall 2010, this course was known as HIST 46.
The information below might still reflect the old course numbers. Bracketed numbers, if any, are the old course numbers. Learn more...)

3 hours; 3 credits

Interdisciplinary exploration of the "American Dream" and research into the lives of ordinary Americans. Historical background, changing definitions, and various dreams that shape the American economic, social and cultural experience; capitalism, competition, and the myth of the "self-made" American; collision of ideals and realities; psychological consequences of "failing" in American society; class, ethnic, gender, and racial boundaries guiding American life; status consciousness/anxiety and the over-worked, over-extended, and sleep-deprived American. This course is the same as American Studies 3108. (This course is not open to students who completed History 3490 or American Studies 3902 during Fall 2005 or Scholar?s Program 50 during Fall 2007.)


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