MUSC 7378X Sequencing and Sampling

45 hours; 3 credits

This course covers what sequencing and sampling are and how they are used separately as well as in conjunction with one another in their historical context and in the present. Students will learn how and when to use ready-made samples versus creating original samples, as both are key to creating MIDI mockups and hybrid scores for media. Students will also have the opportunity to repurpose their own work and the work of others in a transformative manner. Students are encouraged to collaborate as this is a key part of the process of sequencing and sampling. Through the study of loop-based music and collage-based forms in a variety of genres, the course traces the early roots of western traditions in sampling and sequencing as a result of a confluence of influences as well as the role of technology in shaping these techniques and genres. In addition to mainstream and modern techniques, we will look at classical orchestration with MIDI. The course also touches on copyright issues as well as professional roles in media surrounding sequencing and sampling, such as producer, technologist, orchestrator, and MIDI preparation.

Prerequisite: Permission of director.


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