PEES 4412 Advanced Seminar on Methods of Teaching Inclusive Physical Education, Student Teaching

2 hours weekly seminar, weekly supervised teaching (full semester, 5 days/week for full school day); 12 credits

Capstone course requiring Physical Education Teacher Education students to participate in a semester long student teaching experience that is equally split (7 weeks each) between elementary and secondary schools. Objectives, variations in methodology and curriculum construction, evaluation, and role of materials and resources aligned with New York State learning standards and applied to teaching Physical Education at grade levels appropriate for state certification requirements; selection of supervised instructional experiences structured to evolve professional awareness; development of self-reflective teaching styles and assessment procedures to address the learning needs of a diverse student population, students with disabilities, and English language learners; continued application of knowledge of language acquisition and literacy development by native English speakers and English language learners, and of strategies for integrating technology into the classroom. Students observe, develop, and study Physical Education curriculum in light of teaching experiences and observations. Theories and methods of teaching inclusive physical education at grade levels appropriate for state certification requirements; focus on developing reflective practitioners and researchers; developing individualized instruction for all students; using technology for cooperative learning in the classroom and school; developing and evaluating newly adopted physical education curriculum and classroom and school cultures responsive to the needs of diverse students and students with disabilities, particularly in urban settings; developing advanced methods of teaching English language learners and applying knowledge of language acquisition. Students enroll in workshops in identifying, reporting, and responding to child abuse, and in substance abuse, fire and arson prevention, and safety education. Students spend the equivalent of twenty days in the schools, during which time they engage in daily, supervised student teaching.

Prerequisite: permission of the chairperson of the Department of Physical Education and Exercise Science (or the department chair's designee); Physical Education and Exercise Science 3401 unless otherwise specified by the Department of Physical Education and Exercise Science; Physical Education and Exercise Science 3402 unless otherwise specified by the Department of Physical Education and Exercise Science and approval of the department chair (or the department chair's designee).


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