Concentration in General Science

Advisers for Concentration in General Science

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The requirements for early childhood education teacher (birth-grade 2) are described under the Department of Early Childhood and Art Education in the Undergraduate Bulletin. The requirements for childhood education teacher (grades 1-6) programs are described under the Department of Childhood, Bilingual and Special Education in the Undergraduate Bulletin. Students who major in either of these programs and who elect a concentration in general science must complete a program of 30 credits in general science and one of the following departments: biology, chemistry, earth and environmental science, physics. A grade of C- or higher is required in each course.
Concentration requirements (30 credits):
General Science 5050 or at least one course in science numbered 3000 or above and additional credits in science as described below:
At least three credits from two and at least 9 credits in one of the following strands:
Biology: General Science 2020, 2030, Health and Nutrition Sciences 2300, 2301, Anthropology 3440; KINS 3271; or any course in biology.
Chemistry: General Science 2020, 2050; or any course in chemistry.
Earth and environmental science: General Science 2030, 2040, 2050; Anthropology 1400; or any course in earth and environmental science.
Physics: General Science 2040, 2010; or any course in physics.

The course of study must include at least one of the following courses: General Science 2040, 2010, 2020, 2050.

Twelve elective credits may be chosen from the above areas and from approved Pathways STEM variant courses. Courses in other departments, including Computer Science, Mathematics and Psychology, may be applied to the Concentration with the approval of the Program Coordinator. STEM courses used to satisfy the Required Core, Flexible Core and College Option may also be used toward the concentration.

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