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The requirements for early childhood education teacher (birth-grade 2) are described under the Department of Early Childhood and Art Education in the Undergraduate Bulletin. The requirements for childhood education teacher (grades 1-6) programs are described under the Department of Childhood, Bilingual and Special Education in the Undergraduate Bulletin. Students who major in either of these programs may elect one of the following concentrations in modern languages and literatures.
Concentration requirements:
A minimum of 30 credits is required for a concentration in Chinese, French, Italian, Russian, or Spanish. All courses offered by the department apply towards the concentration. Students may take all 30 credits in one language or create a combined concentration by taking courses in a maximum of two other languages.

Up to two courses in related topics from other departments (such as Art, History, Puerto Rican and Latino Studies, or Africana Studies) may be applied to the concentration. A list of pre-approved courses is available in the Department office. Other courses require Department approval.

A minimum of 18 credits must be taken in the primary language.

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