Minor in Cognitive Science

Advisers for Minor in Cognitive Science

Office Hours
ARLIG, ANDREW W Chairperson 718.951.5311 3308 Boylan Hall aarlig @ brooklyn.cuny.edu  
Gotlib, Anna Pre-Law Advisor 718.951.6879 3300 Boylan Hall agotlib @ brooklyn.cuny.edu  


An interdisciplinary and interdepartmental minor, offered by the Department of Computer and Information Science, the Department of Philosophy, and the Department of Psychology, requiring 12 to 13 credits in advanced electives.

All of the following:
Philosophy 3422, Computer and Information Science 1110, Psychology 1000, Psychology 3530.

One from each of the following groups, a) and b):
a) Philosophy 3123, 3401, 3410, 3420, or 3601.
b) Computer and Information Science 1410 or 3410, or Philosophy 3423, or Psychology 3580.

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