Minor in Archival Studies and Community Documentation

Advisers for Minor in Archival Studies and Community Documentation

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The minor in archival studies and community documentation is offered by the History Department in conjunction with the Department of the Library.

Department Requirements (15 credits)
History 4100 and either 4200 or 3460.

One course from a department other than the student's major chosen from the following:
Africana Studies 3324, American Studies 3404, Anthropology and Archaeology 2402 or 3130, Art 3066, History 3455, 3480, or 3485, Judaic Studies 3485, Music 2103, Political Science 3140 or 3150 or 3143, Psychology 2100, Puerto Rican and Latino Studies 3325, Sociology 3204.

History 5100 and 5101.

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