Minor in American Music and Culture

Advisers for Minor in American Music and Culture

Office Hours
Joseph Entin Director 718-951-5784 3149 Boylan Hall jentin @ brooklyn.cuny.edu  


Department Requirements
Fifteen credits in advanced electives completed with a grade of C or higher, as follows:

American Studies 1001 or 1010.

Four of the following: American Studies 3702/Music 2103, American Studies 3704/Music 2102; American Studies 3706 or Music 2106; American Studies 3708 or Music 2107; Music 3101; Music 2101/Africana Studies 3236, Music 2104/Africana Studies 3237, Music 4430, 4431, 4940, 4941; Puerto Rican and Latino Studies 3125; additional special topics course or elective by permission of program director.

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