Minor in children and youth studies

Hailed as "pioneering" by The New York Times, the Children's Studies interdepartmental program brings together knowledge about children and youth from infancy through the age of legal majority as seen from the perspectives of the arts, humanities, social and natural sciences, medicine, and law.

Children's Studies was conceived as a genuinely interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary new field of study, and represents an attempt to bring to bear knowledge from the different sectors of the arts and sciences on the conception of children as a class and to integrate this knowledge at an appropriate level of understanding and articulation.

In the Children's Studies program at Brooklyn College of The City University of New York, courses include children's literature, the history of childhood, child development, sociology of children, children in education, child health, the African American child, the Puerto Rican child, as well as speech and language development. Other courses are in preparation for the near future such as a course on the rights of children. Also envisioned are generic courses on children and the arts, children and the mass media, new technologies and the Internet, children and the environment, and children of the world, emphasizing cross-cultural and global perspectives in children.

The aim of the Children's Studies program is to contribute to providing a voice to children and childhood which is commensurate with their reality and not exclusively a construction of adults.

Advisers for Minor in children and youth studies

Please contact the department for information on academic advisers and office hours.


Department Requirements
Fifteen credits as follows:

The program director, with the approval of the program's advisory committee, may allow substitutions for one or more of following requirements consistent with the educational goals of the program.

Children and Youth Studies 2100 or Children and Youth Studies 3110.

Two courses from the following: Children and Youth Studies [2120], 2200, 3126, 3310, 3410, 3620, 3630, 4200; English 3189 or Communication Arts, Sciences, and Disorders 1717 or 2231; Health and Nutrition Sciences 3170 or Children and Youth Studies 4100; Psychology 2210; Sociology 2401.

Two courses from the following: Africana Studies 3335; Children and Youth Studies 3610, 3510, 3130, 3430, 3320, 5100; Childhood, Bilingual, and Special Education 2002 or Secondary Education 2002; Children and Youth Studies 3120 or History 3320; Puerto Rican and Latino Studies 2005.

All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher.

A minimum of nine credits must be completed at Brooklyn College.

Students interested in this minor should consult with the Children and Youth Studies program adviser to plan an appropriate sequence of courses and to declare their minor.

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