Interdisciplinary minor in Global Studies (12 credits)

Advisers for Interdisciplinary minor in Global Studies (12 credits)

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Students must complete twelve credits of advanced electives chosen from courses listed below, with a grade of C- or higher in each course. Courses must come from at least two departments or programs. Courses presented for this minor may be counted toward the major in any of the participating departments or programs.

a. Global Institutions and Processes
Anthropology 3160, 3155; Business 3250; Economics 3352; History 3340, 3390; Judaic Studies 3205; Political Science 3301, 3340, 3445; Puerto Rican and Latino Studies 4505; Sociology 3205

b. Cultural Transformations and Social Identities
Africana Studies 3110, 3344; Anthropology 3130, 3140, 3170, 3185; English 3194; Judaic Studies 3017; Philosophy 3702; Political Science 3341; Puerto Rican and Latino Studies 3205, Sociology 3206; Studies in Religion 3050; Women's and Gender Studies 3357

c. Social Tolerance, Human Rights, and Human Security
Anthropology 2215, 3130, 3395; Children and Youth Studies 3110; Health and Nutrition Science 2130; Judaic Studies 4195; Philosophy 3307; Political Science 3240, 3242, 3243; Women's and Gender Studies 3328

d. Media and Communications in a Global Context
Anthropology 3180; Film 2131; Philosophy 3315; Sociology 2800; Television and Radio 2265

e. Global Environmental Studies
Biology 3083; Economics 3252; Urban Sustainability 4001; [Geology 3450, 3600] or Earth and Environmental Sciences 3450, 3600; Philosophy 3309; Sociology 3202

Requests for course substitutions must be submitted to the Global Studies Curriculum Committee.

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