Minor in Multimedia Computing

Advisers for Minor in Multimedia Computing

Please contact the department for information on academic advisers and office hours.


A student with a major in Computer and Information Science or another field may take a minor in Multimedia Computing. Any minor at BC requires completing 12 advanced elective credits with an average of C- or better. The minor in multimedia requires 25-27 credits and includes the following courses.

Department Requirements
All of the following: Computer and Information Science 1110 or 1180; 1600 and 3110 and 3120 and 3130; and 3620 or 3630.

Two of the following: Computer and Information Science 3610, 3620, 3630, 3650, 3660, 3665, 4610.

Courses presented for the major in computer and information science may also be used to satisfy the minor in multimedia computing.

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