B.S. degree program in internal accounting
HEGIS code 0502
NYS SED program code 92277

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The B.S. in Internal Accounting is a 120-credit program providing students with the accounting skills needed for jobs in business or government. It does not provide all the courses needed to qualify for licensure as a CPA in New York State. New York State currently requires applicants for licensure to have 150 credits of education, including 33 credits in accounting and tax, and a total of 69 credits in business subjects. There are three more appropriate paths for students who intend to pursue CPA licensure, and plan to take 150 credits. The first is to major in the 120-credit B.S. in Accounting, and then complete 30 credits in the Brooklyn College M.S. in Accounting program. The second is to major in the 150 credit B.S. in Public Accounting and Business Management. Both of these options are approved by the New York State Education Department. The third is to major in the B.S. in Accounting and then obtain a master's degree other than the Brooklyn College M.S. in Accounting, containing at least 30 credits. Students taking this option will have to obtain approval with state authorities that their program meets licensure requirements.

Department requirements (64-66 credits)
All of the following: Computer and Information Science 1050; Economics 2100 or Business 2100; Economics 2200 or Business 2200; Economics 3400 or Business 3400 or Mathematics 2501 or Mathematics 3501; [Business 3310] or Finance 3310; Business 3320 or Economics 3320; Business 3100; Business 3200; [Business 3330] or Finance 3330; Business 3430 or Computer and Information Science 2531.

All of the following with a grade of C or better: Accounting 2001, 3011, 3021, 3038 or 3041, 3051, 3101, 3201, 4501W.

Students must also take one accounting elective, from among the following courses.

Permissible accounting electives include: ACCT 3360; ACCT 4001; ACCT 4011; ACCT 4101; ACCT 4201; ACCT 4502; ACCT 5009; ACCT 5011; ACCT 5021; ACCT 5200, ACCT 5201; ACCT 7109X; ACCT 7120X. Note that to register for graduate courses (ACCT 7109X and ACCT 7120X), with permission, students must have a GPA of 3.0 or better.

Both of the following: Philosophy 3314 and Communication Arts, Sciences, and Disorders 2623.

In addition, because employers are increasingly looking for employees to have skills in data analytics and data visualization, BUSN 3421 or CISC 2590 is highly recommended.

Students majoring in accounting must achieve a grade of C or better in all courses starting with an Accounting prefix. No accounting course may be taken more than three times by an accounting major. Students taking a specific accounting course three times without achieving a grade of C or better (this includes INC, W, WN, WU, WF, and ABS grades), may not take that course again and will not be permitted to major in accounting at Brooklyn College.

Writing-Intensive Requirement: Students are required to take at least one writing-intensive course (W course).