B.A. degree program in anthropology
HEGIS code 2202
NYS SED program code 02102

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Program/Department Advisers

Please contact the department for information on academic advisers and office hours.


Department requirements (36-39 credits)
Three courses chosen from Anthropology 1100 (Culture and Society), 1200 (Human Origins), 1300 (People and Language), or 1400 (Digging the Past).
One field or laboratory course chosen from: Anthropology 3470 (Summer Archaeological Field School (Intensive Program)), 3015 (Anthropology Abroad), 3016 (Fieldwork in Anthropology), 3480 (Intersession Archaeological Field School), 3475 (Archaeological Field School: Site Supervision), 4110 (Summer Ethnographic Field School), 3240 (Osteology), 3245 (Research Methods in Anthropology), 3440 (Zooarchaeology), 3156 (India Global Health: Ethnography), 3301 (Language and Culture) or 3120W (Ethnography).
Anthropology 4601 Anthropological Theory
Anthropology 4000 (Senior Seminar in Anthropology).
Anthropology 1008 (Mini-course in Selected Topics in Anthropology) Co-requisite with Anthropology 4000
Eighteen additional elective credits; 15 credits must be in courses numbered 3000 and above.
Department recommendations:
Students are advised to concentrate in one or two of the subfields of anthropology (cultural, linguistic, biological anthropology, or archaeology). A concentration consists of three elective courses in one of these four areas.
Local, national, and international field experiences are available during the winter and summer sessions.

Concentrators should take one of the following courses:
ANTH 3120W for cultural anthropology concentration;
ANTH 3301 for linguistic anthropology concentration;
ANTH 3240 or 3425 for biological anthropology concentration;
ANTH 3420 for archaeology concentration

Majors should consult a department counselor each year in planning their programs.
Students should plan on taking a field or laboratory course (3470, 3015, 3480, 3475, 4110, 3240, 3440, 3156, or 3120W) as soon as possible after finishing the 1100 - 1400 sequence. Majors should take Anthropology 4601 Anthropological Theory in the spring of their junior year; 3120W Ethnography or 3245 Research Methods in Anthropology in the fall of their senior year; and the senior seminar (4000) and its co-requisite (1008) in the spring of their senior year.