B.A. degree program in anthropology
HEGIS code 2202
NYS SED program code 02102

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Program/Department Advisers

Please contact the department for information on academic advisers and office hours.


Department requirements (36-39 credits)
Three courses chosen from Anthropology 1100 (Culture and Society), 1200 (Human Origins), 1300 (People and Language), or 1400 (Digging the Past).

One field or laboratory course chosen from: Anthropology 3470 (Summer Archaeological Field School (Intensive Program)), 3015 (Anthropology Abroad), 3016 (Fieldwork in Anthropology), 3480 (Intersession Archaeological Field School), 3475 (Archaeological Field School: Site Supervision), 4110 (Summer Ethnographic Field School), 3240 (Osteology), 3440 (Zooarchaeology), 3156 (India Global Health: Ethnography), 3301 Language and Culture, ANTH 3180 Visual Anthropology, ANTH 3190 Anthropology of Media.

Anthropology 4601 Anthropological Theory

Anthropology 4000 (Senior Seminar in Anthropology)

Anthropology 4001 (Selected Topics in Anthropology) Co-requisite with Anthropology 4000

Eighteen additional elective credits; 15 credits must be in courses numbered 3000 and above.

Honors in Anthropology
GPA of 3.5 or higher in Anthropology. Honors in two courses (with a grade of B or higher): one an upper-level (3000 or above) elective course and the other Senior Seminar (ANTH 4000).

Concentrators should take one of the following courses:
ANTH 3120W for cultural anthropology concentration;
ANTH 3301 for linguistic anthropology concentration;
ANTH 3240 or 3425 for biological anthropology concentration;
ANTH 3420 for archaeology concentration

Majors should consult a department counselor each year in planning their programs.

Students should plan on taking a field or laboratory course (3470, 3015, 3480, 3475, 4110, 3240, 3440, or 3156) as soon as possible after finishing the 1100 - 1400 sequence. Majors should take 4601 Anthropological Theory in the spring of their junior year; 3120W Ethnography or 3245 Research Methods in Anthropology in the fall of their senior year; and the senior seminar (4000) and its co-requisite (4001) in the spring of their senior year.