B.A. degree program in art history
HEGIS code 1003
NYS SED program code 81408

Program/Department Advisers

Information about adviser(s) for this program is not currently available.


The Art History major is writing intensive.
Department requirements (29-30 credits)
Art 1050 or Core Studies 2.1 or Core Curriculum 1120 or Art 1010 or, with permission of the chairperson, Art 1150.

Art 2210 and 3066.

Art 2211 or 2310.

Eighteen additional credits in art history courses, chosen from at least three of the following subject areas:
a) Ancient and medieval art
b) Early modern European art
c) Modern European and American art
d) Asian, African, and Oceanic art, and indigenous art of the Americas
e) Architecture
f) Special studies

Special topics and honors courses in the above subject areas can count toward the fulfillment of the subject-area requirement with permission of the instructor and the chairperson.

Foreign Language Requirement for the Major:

1. Completion of one course in French, German, Italian, or Spanish at course-level 3 (the third semester of study at the college level) or to demonstrate an equivalent proficiency by examination, except as modified as follows. Another language may be substituted with permission of the chairperson.

2. Admission to Level 3 presupposes two years of secondary school language study. Students who offer only one year of foreign language study (or none at all) are required to take one or two semesters of college study (Levels 1 and/or 2) before they can take Level 3. A student who has studied a language in high school for at least two years, or who has completed Levels 1 and 2 of a foreign language at the college level and wants to study a different language at the college level may do so, but this student must complete a minimum of two terms of the new language at the college level to fulfill the requirement.

3. Students who have successfully completed three years of one language in high school and have passed the Regents Level 3 are exempted from the language requirement.

4. Students whose native language is not English may be exempted from this requirement by passing one of the proficiency examinations administered by the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. A student can be exempted from the foreign language requirement by demonstrating proficiency (which includes the ability to read and write the language) in an approved language.