B.S. degree program in journalism and media studies
HEGIS code 0605
NYS SED program code 83638

The Journalism and Media Studies program encourages students to develop a critical, ethical, and deliberative paradigm for the practice of journalism as a public service. We seek to cultivate proficiencies in storytelling across platforms and subject areas, and inspire our students to embrace the potential for innovation that exists in our media environment.

Program Goals: Students will develop critical thinking skills and a healthy skepticism about the ocean of information in which we live. They will be well informed about the entrepreneurial nature of the contemporary media environment. They will become capable communicators with the ability to tell stories using the tools most appropriate for the subject, guided by principles that maximize media literacy.

Program/Department Advisers

Please contact the department for information on academic advisers and office hours.


Program requirements (42 credits)
Television and Radio 1165, 2420, 2726, 3871, 3728, 4728, and 3729.

English 2402.

An additional 12 credits of advanced related course work are required in any specialized area other than Television and Radio and the Journalism Program of the English Department, with the courses approved by the program director.