B.A. degree program for Caribbean studies (dual major)
HEGIS code 0308
NYS SED program code 82001

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Program/Department Advisers

Please contact the department for information on academic advisers and office hours.


Program requirements (18 credits plus a major in any department of the college)
Students must complete parts 1 through 4.
1. Caribbean Studies 1001.
2. Nine credits from the courses listed below, plus any prerequisite of the courses. The courses must be in three different participating departments.
Africana Studies 1040
Sociology 2300 or Puerto Rican and Latin American Studies 2300
Caribbean Studies 3000 or Africana Studies 3243
Africana Studies 3145 or Political Science 3305
Africana Studies 3147
Africana Studies 3240/Comparative Literature 3623
Puerto Rican and Latino Studies 3315
Africana Studies 3340
Africana Studies 3344
History 3515
History 3517
Puerto Rican and Latino Studies 3125
Caribbean Studies 3900
Puerto Rican and Latino Studies 4505
3. Six additional credits in Caribbean studies chosen either from the courses listed above or approved by the program director. Students may use credits in relevant special topics courses and/or seminars toward satisfying this requirement. Such courses are offered by the Caribbean Studies Program, Departments of Africana Studies, English, History, Music, Political Science, and Puerto Rican and Latino Studies, and Spanish. Some seminars offer opportunities for field study in Caribbean countries. However, students must complete 12 credits in Caribbean studies before enrolling in a seminar.
4. A major in any of the departments of the college. Courses taken to satisfy requirements in the primary major may not be used to satisfy dual major requirements in the Caribbean Studies Program.