B.A. degree program in Italian
HEGIS code 1104
NYS SED program code 02033

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Office Hours
Alonso, Alejandro Associate Professor 718.951.5451   alonso @ brooklyn.cuny.edu Tues, Wed, 11 a.m.-noon


This program is not accepting majors as of Spring 2020.
Department requirements for majors in Italian (24-36 credits)
There are two options for the major:
Option I: Italian (24 credits)
The following are required (24 credits in advanced courses):

All of the following: Italian 2030W and 3610.

At least one of the following culture courses: Italian 3515, 3510, or 3518.

The remaining courses are to be selected from Italian 2024, 2021, 2432, 2120, 3515, 3525, 3510, or 3518. Tier II, Tier III, and/or Tier IV.

6 credits may be taken in courses outside the department related in content and purpose, which may be any of the following:
Interdisciplinary Studies 2025 - Italian-American Relations
English 3192 - Special Topics (Departmental approval required)
English 3164 - Introduction to Italian American Literature
History 3261 - Modern Italy
Interdisciplinary Studies 70 - Seminar (Departmental approval required)
Art 3030* - Early Renaissance Art in Italy
Art 3038* - Sixteenth-Century Renaissance Art in Italy
Judaic Studies 4435 - Italian Jewry
Interdisciplinary Studies 2012 - Italians in America
* only one art course can be taken.

Any other course requires departmental permission.

While courses taken toward completion of the major may be taught in English or Italian, majors in Italian Language and Literature are required, in the event of the former, to do the work in Italian.

A knowledge of Latin and/or another Language Other Than English is also helpful.
Option II: Language and Business (36 credits)
All of the following: Italian 2024 or 2030W; 2432; 3610; 3515 or 3525.

Four additional courses to be selected from Italian 2021, 2030 or 2030W, 2120 or 2120W, 3515, 3525, 3510, or 3518, Tier II, Tier III, and/or Tier IV.

Both of the following: Business 3100, 3170.

Two of the following: Business 3240, 3200, 3210, 3230, 3130, 3140.

The "W" designates a writing intensive course.