B.A. degree program in journalism
HEGIS code 0602
NYS SED program code 81099

The bachelor of arts degree in journalism offered by the Brooklyn College Department of English provides superb professional preparation. Intensive training is given in the techniques of news gathering, writing, and editing. Students also consider the issues confronting reporters - the ethics of journalism, the limits of objectivity, and libel law among others - and learn the history of journalism. Classroom study is combined with practical experience alongside the working press.

In the News Lab, students with Brooklyn News Service credentials apply the lessons they have learned in the classroom to the practice of journalism, covering stories in the City of New York, the media capital of the world.

Teaching these courses are former newspaper reporters and editors with long experience covering the arenas of news making, from the streets and neighborhoods of New York City to the courtrooms and to the corridors of political power.

The focus on the fundamentals of journalism is complemented by the requirement of 12 credits in another field of study, which deepens the student's knowledge in a news-related subject area.

Program/Department Advisers

Office Hours
MANCINI, ANTHONY Professor 718-951-5302 3157 Boylan Hall amancini @ brooklyn.cuny.edu  


This program is not accepting majors as of Fall 2019.

Program requirements (45 credits)
I. (24 credits) All of the following: English 2401; 2403; 3401; 4401; 4403; 4404; 4405.

II. (6 credits) Two of the following: English 3402; 3403; 3404; 3405; 3406; 4402; Television and Radio 4045.

III. (3 credits) English 5401 or 5102 or 5103.

IV. (12 credits) Twelve credits, approved by the director of the Journalism Program, in a single department or interdisciplinary program. No journalism courses may be used to satisfy this requirement. Credits used toward a major or minor in another degree program outside the Journalism Program are acceptable to fulfill this requirement. For approval of the outside concentration, students are expected to demonstrate how the chosen area of study can inform their work in journalism.

Students should note that the prerequisite of English 2401 is one of the following courses with a grade of B or better: English [2.7], 1012, 2115, 2116 or 2302.

Departmental honors in journalism:
Fulfillment of the requirements for the B.A. in Journalism with a B+ or higher average in all advanced work in the major; completion of English 4402 or 4403 with a grade of B or higher; completion of Senior Thesis courses English 5103, or 5104 and 5105, with grades of B or higher.