B.A. degree program in Judaic studies
HEGIS code 0309
NYS SED program code 01977

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Office Hours
Brodsky, David Associate Professor 718.951.5229 3111 James Hall dbrodsky @ brooklyn.cuny.edu E-mail for appointments


Department requirements (27 credits)

Majors must take 6 credits in each of the three chronological periods, recommended in sequential order:
(1) Ancient (2) Medieval/Early Modern and (3) Modern, They must also take 1 upper level thematic course, and the Senior Thesis.

1. Majors and minors must take the introductory course JUST 1145 in their first semester unless they test out. Students who test out of JUST 1145 must complete an additional JUST elective. JUST 1025 is an optional gateway course which can count toward the minor or major but does not fulfill the distributional requirements listed below (in 2 and 3).

2. Majors take six credits in each of the following three chronological periods:
A. Ancient period: JUST 3012 3014, 3015, 3021, 3022, 3023, 3065, 4024, or 4027. HEBR 4027, 4030, 4041, 4451. JUST 3012 recommended as an introductory survey.

B. Medieval/Early Modern period: JUST 3013, 3033, 3035, 3036, or 4034. HEBR 4051. JUST 3013 or 3035 are recommended as introductory surveys.

C. Modern period: JUST 2047, 2085, 3011, 3013, 3016, 3031, 3037. 3048, 3050, 3115, 3124, 3405, 3465, 3489, 4020, 4054, or 4195. HEBR 2041, 4021, 4025, 4047, 4048, 4049, 4052. JUST 2047 and 3031 are recommended as introductory surveys.

3. Majors must take at least one course in each of the following categories (6 credits):

A. Thematic courses: JUST 2017, 3017, 3020, 3038, 3041, 3042, 3046, 3206, 3535, 3631, 4018, or 4435.

B. Senior thesis, JUST 5531W or 5532W (or JUST 5581 or 5582 with permission of Chair), should be taken as an Upper Junior or Lower Senior.

4. US Yeshiva Transfer Credits will not count towards the major. Students who receive the full 27 Israel Yeshiva Transfer Credits upon completion of the capstone course would have a head start toward the major/minor since 3 of the Yeshiva transfer credits would count toward the 12 credit JUST Minor, and 9 transfer credits would count toward the 27 credit major. The rest of the transfer credits will be awarded as electives that do not count toward the major or minor. The capstone course will count toward the major. To serve as a capstone course, the course must be a 3000, 4000, or 5000 level Judaic Studies (JUST) or Hebrew (HEBR) course (or relevant advanced RELG course substituted by the chair); it must be at least three credits; and students must receive at least a B in the capstone course to receive Yeshiva Transfer Credits. Cross-listed courses taught by faculty outside the department do not count as a capstone. Pathways courses count towards the major/minor but not as a capstone course.

With permission of the chairperson of the Department of Judaic Studies, the student may substitute up to three relevant courses as needed to replace any of the above courses.